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10 questions checklist of how to define your website target audience.

The more you understand your target audience, the more efficient your sales and marketing efforts will become.
The first thing you should do before developing a website for your business is to describe your target audience and define their needs.
The important thing is that you will need to gather more information about your audience than general demographics (Age, Gender, Location, Family Status, Income, Education, Occupation)

Check if you have answers for all the following questions about your real or potential customers:

1. How do they think?

  • personality types
  • attitudes
  • values
  • interest
  • lifestyles
  • behaviors

3. How do they communicate?

  • face-to-face conversations
  • email
  • telephone calls

2. How do they get their information?

  • online (Google search, social media or online articles),
  • traditional (word of mouth, newspapers or magazines)
  • advertising methods (billboards or media advertising).

4. Who is important to them?

5. What needs and challenges do they have?

6. Can your product make their lives easier?

7. What would motivate them to pay for it?

8. Who had these customers before you?

9. What are their barriers to purchase your product/ services?

  • it costs too much
  • it won’t work
  • it won’t work for ME
  • I can wait
  • it’s too difficult

10. How does your product differ from other products in your industry?

Now that you know whom you are targeting, you should find it much easier to figure out where on your website to focus your sales and marketing efforts and how to create a better user experience.
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Written by Olga Danileico

Olga is a Salesforce Developer specializing in Working Remote.