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What type of website to choose? 5 types of websites for your business

Website is a shop window for your company, so make sure you choose the right type of website for your business.

1. E-commerce

If the purpose of your business is to sell products online, e-commerce websites for you. Having this type of website allows you to take online payments for products or services. You can create E-commerce stores as standalone websites, or combine it with your blog or business website.

2. Business Website

You may not want to sell your products directly through a website, but you can use these sites to provide information about your business. This type of website is like your digital business card and includes a collection of informational pages describing the business, which products or services it provides and the contact information.

3. Landing Page

If you have developed a new product or service, and/or planning to launch a marketing campaign, you probably will choose a Landing page. They are specifically designed to receive and convert traffic from an online marketing campaign. For example you might want people to do the following on your landing page: Make a purchase Subscribe to a newsletter Register for an event It's a completely separate page from your own business website and allows you to really focus on the form that users are expected to fill in.

4. Personal or Portfolio

If you are a freelancer or you are working on your "Personal Brand", this type of website is for you. Personal website is used to display and promote the person and the examples of previous work. Just like a physical portfolio, a personal website can be used like a CV, demonstrating your skills in order to impress clients or future employers. It also includes the information about who you are, what you are doing, what you have done.

5. Blog

Blogs are websites that have frequently updated content. These are typically written by a single person and focus on a specific niche. The best benefit of blogging, for both personal and business, is that it is a platform where the audience can learn and be engaged. For businesses, it is also the best medium to get news and updates out to customers.
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Written by Olga Danileico

Olga is a Salesforce Developer specializing in Working Remote.